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Welcome to Waynesboro Primary School!  Winter Break will be Friday, February 15 - 18, 2019.  Real Women Read will be Friday, March 8th.  Contact Suprina Palmer, Parent Coordinator, if you would like to read to a class for this event.
Knight, Kay » Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Chavous

Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Chavous

Welcome to Kindergarten!  I am so excited about having your child in my class this year! I look forward to working with your child each and every day. Throughout the year you can expect your child to grow socially, emotionally, and educationally.It will be so much fun and I can not wait to get started!
Useful Links

Abcya_logoABCya.com: A ton of educational games and activities for grades K-5.




Fun Brain:  So much fun stuff that the kids might not even realize you are sneaking some learning in.




Highlights kidsHighlights Kids: I can remember, way back in the day when I was a child, reading the Highlights magazines in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office.  Now my kids have access to the same kind of great content online.


National geo kidsNational Geographic Kids: The kind of excellent offering you would expect from National Geographic. Videos, games, articles and more all designed to enrich your kids’ minds.



Nga kids

NGA Kids: Help introduce your children to art and art history. There are also interactive art projects you can make online.





Pbs kids

PBS Kids: Almost limitless activities from all of your kids’ favorite PBS shows.  It’s not just Sesame Street around here. Something for everybody.





Random house kidsRandom House Kids: Lots of fabulous games and activities based on your favorite Random House books.  The games and activities are free, and you can purchase books on their site also.




Seussville: Another website with great games and activites based on books your kids probably already know.  You can also purchase books on the site.






Starfall: A reading website that takes your kids all the way from ABCs up to reading on their own.







Wonderopolis: This website has allowed us to answer questions we didn’t even know we had. “Can one bad apple spoil the whole bunch?” or “Why don’t spiders get caught in their own webs?”  This website is lots of fun for curious minds.



Magic school busThe Magic School Bus: Games and activities based on the classic series of Magic School Bus books. There is a great parent/teacher section that  can help you develop some more structured activities to keep your kiddo in the learning frame of mind.





CliffordClifford the Big Red Dog: Another great Scholastic website, this time featuring our favorite big red dog, Clifford.  Plenty of games and printables to entertain your little ones. Maybe you can answer the question — how DID Clifford grow so big?




Brain popBrainPop (free stuff): I know that the BrainPop website has a subscription service to get to their extended content.  But have you checked out the free content that is available?  Free educational BrainPop movies and games.






Inkless talesInkless Tales: This website was started by one lady who wanted to make a difference world-wide. She brings great educational games, stories, and projects to you for free. Plus you can ask her anything you want (within reason, I assume), and she will find out the answer for you.




DisneyjuniorDisney Junior:  Games and stories and projects all centered around your child's favorite Disney Junior characters. Whether they are playing with Jake and the Neverland Pirates or coloring with Sophia the First, your kids won't even realize that they are learning.





 StorylineStoryline Online: Presented by the Screen Actors' Guild, Storyline Online features actors reading stories out loud for kids to enjoy. There are dozens of books available. I think my favorite reader was Robert Guillaume. 




Read write think


ReadWriteThink: Resources for the classroom and professional development, along with materials for parents and afterschool to help support and reinforce your child's learning plan.