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Welcome to Waynesboro Primary School!  Fall is here, and school is in full swing.  We welcome you to come and experience the excitement anytime!
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Daniel Hance

Welcome to WPS Physical Education.  We look forward to teaching Physical Education this year to our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students.  This year we will be working on dynamic and stationary exercises, static stretching, loco-motor skills, cross-fit games, and a variety of sports throughout the school year.  Please wear tennis shoes on the days that you attend Physical Education each day during the week.  We pride our Physical Education Department in a safe learning environment for all students.  Please make note of the following dates that are important during the school year:


August- Student Learning Objective Pre-Test


September- Fitness-Gram Testing


January- Fitness-Gram Testing


February- Jump Rope for Heart


April- Student Learning Objective Post-Test


May- Field Day