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We have loved our students this year!  WPS would like to wish our students, parents, and teachers a happy summer, and we are looking forward to beginning the 2017 - 2018 school year on Tuesday, August 1st.  Open House is Sunday, July 30, 2017.  See you then!
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Guidance & Counseling

A guidance program is a program that provides guidance and counseling services to all students. We believe that every child is unique and special. Guidance Counselors at Waynesboro Primary will be available to do the following:

*Provide Classroom Guidance
*Group Guidance
*Small Group Counseling
*Individual Counseling
* Educational Programs
*Interaction with parents, administrators and teachers

We are excited about our program at WPS and look forward to meeting you. We believe that children who feel good about themselves will be happier and more successful in and out of school.

Mrs. Mays will serve the following grades this academic year:

Kindergarten - Houghton, Hill, Russell, Williams, Randolph, Rodgers, Cook, Graham
First Grade
Mrs. Cochran will serve the following grades this academic year:
Kindergarten - Tanksley, Bodiford, Corum, Dickey, Knight, Bentley, Parham
Second Grade
Welcome to the Guidance & Counseling page!

Waynesboro Primary Guidance Department
Waynesboro Primary has two Guidance Counselors. They are Gloria Mays and Cynthia Cochran. The Guidance Counselors will be available to do the following: 
Classroom Guidance - The counselors visit each classroom and talks with the entire class about things that are of interest to boys and girls.  
 The counselors plan for activities that teach lessons about such topics as:
Getting to Know Myself, Understanding Feelings, Getting Along with Others, and Making Good Choices. 
Small Group Counseling -The counselors work with small groups of children who have similar concerns. In small groups students can share ideas, provide support for each other, and learn from each other.  
Individual Counseling 
At times, the counselors may talk with a student privately, particular if the concern is very private. The counselors are good listeners. They help boys and girls sort out their problems by talking with them about their feelings.
. family changes(sickness, death, divorce or a move)
. problems with friends 
. academic weakness